The new VEA SPORTIVE phone watch combines all you need for your workout without any drawbacks. It includes Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, Music Playback, GPS with Tracker, a special Sport function and an SOS function. For easy operation you can use the watch in all touch mode or use the buttons only. It is easier to use buttons when you run and the four buttons have direct links to special functions like favorite phone numbers. The watch includes an exclusive SOS function that calls and sends an SMS to an emergency number with your GPS  position. The Sport button gives you a quick look on one screen of lap, altitude, chrono, heart pulse, distance, speed and calories spent. All these readings are then stored for tracking your progress on a PC.

The watch has all necessary multimedia functions (MP3, video playback) and 8 GB of memory on a microSD card. The watch supports up to 32GB. You do not need any extra cable to connect the watch to your PC as the USB port is molded at the end of the bracelet. This USB connector can recharge the watch and can be used also for data transfer and firmware updates.

All accessories are included in the gift box: Watch, stereo sport bluetooth headset, Bluetooth heart pulse belt, wall plug.

Best of all is the size of the watch, we included in this small package (4,5cm x 4cm x 1,7cm for 90gr) or (1,8in x 1,6in x 0,7in for 3,2oz) a Mobile phone with GPS and digital camera, a USB plug with charger and a long lasting Li-ion battery.

The watch is designed in France.

Price: $678

Availability: October 11 in France, November elsewhere

Product Video