Basis Band


The Basis band is the world’s first continuous heart rate and health tracker that works with a web-based personal dashboard to give you a full picture of your health and wellness. Worn on your wrist, the Basis band records your heart rate along with other health measures throughout the day – with no chest strap required. It tracks the way you live — through work, rest and play — by providing calories burned, levels of activity and sleep patterns. You can also share your progress and milestones with friends to stay motivated.

The technical centerpiece of Basis’ device is its optical engine that tracks your heart rate by directing light into the skin to “see” actual blood flow. When this engine is combined with accelerometers and other sensors, Basis allows you to understand not just the number of steps you took, but also the exertion that went into a walk; the quality of your sleep, or how your body reacts to the many aspects of your day. Basis takes you beyond just movement. It takes you all the way to the heart and the secrets it can reveal about your overall health and wellness.

Price: $199

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This is the year of self monitoring devices and the Basis Band lets you monitor like no other. A simple and elegant band worn as on your wrist, Basis has sensors that data including hear rate, calories burned, physical activity and sleep patterns. Taking self tracking to new levels, the device also tracks galvanic skin response (sweat), body temperature, and blood oxygen level. Transmitting wirelessly to your personal dashboard you can view, share, earn rewards and join the Basis community.

Best Feature: It tracks body data like no other.

Needs work: There’s no feedback on the device you need to connect wirelessly to your Basis dashboard for input.

Robin Raskin