WIMM One Developer Preview


WIMM Labs’ unique platform for wearable technology is designed to enable a new type of glanceable interactions called Micro Experiences. We believe these Micro Experiences can add value to people’s lives by breaking through the typical access barriers associated with smartphone technology. By approaching wearable as licensing platform with an open, Android-based OS we will bring wearable technology to many market segments, including healthcare, business, fashion and fitness.

The WIMM One Developer Preview includes:
– The WIMM One module
– Black wrist strap
– Charging kit

This preview offering comes with a small set of preinstalled watchfaces and Micro Apps including Calendar, Weather, World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Caller ID (when paired with a compatible Bluetooth phone).

In January, we will be launching a full Micro App store and announcing our partnership with a major consumer brand in 2012.

Price: $299

Web Site: http://www.wimm.com/

Product Video: http://www.youtube.com/user/wimmlabsinc


The Dick Tracey wristwatch has become a reality, and an elegant one, too. WIMM is the underpinning/platform for a one by one inch wristwatch-like device. It’s got 160 x 160 touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, an accelerometer and magnetometer, and runs on Android. The cool factor is that it can do a presto! changeo! And transform itself using microapps. It’s your twitter machine, email machine, body monitor, or mobile wallet. We’re psyched to be introducing this important new “wearable” form factor at CES Last Gadget Standing. Developers and designers should be jumping on this bandwagon.

-Robin Raskin