Autom™ Weight Loss Coach


Autom™ is an interactive weight loss coach that has been shown to be more effective at keeping a dieter engaged than any existing weight loss program. Using proprietary AI algorithms that create a daily interactive conversation between the coach and the user, Autom™ is able to create and maintain a long-term relationship.

Price: $199 plus $19.99/month subscription

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Robots come and robots go, but this one is different than others we’ve seen. It’s a robot designed to be your weight loss buddy. Why not an app or a trainer? Results, say the MIT scientist who’s behind Autom, have been shown to be more effective than other techniques because of the social interaction. The robot, named Autom, looks a she version of WALLe. She rolls her big eyes and gently goads you into telling her about your diet and exercise. And while her responses differ, she never yells or calls you lazy. She takes her interactive cues from an LCD on her belly and responds in a professional female bot voice. Me, I’m afraid I need more of a Jillian Michaels dominatrix to get me to shed the pounds; I could see pulling Autom ‘s plug after one too many reminders to eat more healthy food. But for those who like to share their diets  with friends of the robot variety this product could work. And the best part, you don’t need to listen to Autom’s own diet problems.

The Best Part: Fairly sophisticated conversations can be had between robot dieter

Needs work: I found the tone too namby pamby. A smarter robot would sense social cues and realize I need to be told more firmly.

Robin Raskin