The award-winning MobiAirTM (iMM377) is the world’s first universal, high fidelity wireless audio dock for all smartphones! Bluetooth® technology lets users stream music from most smartphones or other Bluetooth enabled devices. Until now – there have been very few audio docks for the smartphone market. The varying device dimensions and micro-USB location and orientation, make it very difficult to design an audio dock for smartphones. iLuv has addressed this challenge with the MobiAir™ (iMM377), finally giving smartphone users a high-fidelity, wireless audio docking station and speaker phone.

This dock allows any smartphone, no matter the size, shape or design to be docked via the micro-USB port, and can charge the device when cradled. Holding the smartphone in place are the robotic arms of myBot® OmniFit Technology™ which automatically grasp the edges of the device, adjusting for various widths. Once docked, MobiAir™ delivers great audio performance using the stereo A2DP Bluetooth® audio profile which is found in most of today’s phones. The iMM377’s small footprint, glossy black piano finish and stylish design complement the décor of virtually any room.

Model: iMM377

Price: $89.99