The WorkStation™


There is an emerging and converging market trend. As a greater number of mobile devices with more diverse set of features become available, these smart devices will become the primary computing option for consumers. The WorkStationTM (iMM737) extends the multifunctionality of the iPad / iPhone / iPod by serving as both a workstation for productivity and a sophisticated audio system for entertainment. Its tilting and rotating bracket provides greater viewing options – portrait for reading documents/emails and landscape for typing and watching videos. The integrated keyboard slides out and conveniently tucks away when not in use. Its laptop-style keys enable you to type emails or web search with speed and ease. The WorkStation™ comes with jAura® Sound Technology that delivers unparalleled depth and richness to music and sound. Both sync with iTunes and charge your Apple device when docked. The WorkStation™ is your mobile computing center for both work and play.

Model: iMM737

Price: $129.99