Lytro Wins Last Gadget Event, Swivl Wins Online Popular Vote


The crowd was pumped, the presentations awesome, and in the end, a small company with a big idea took the award for The Last Gadget Standing.

Hosted by two of the funniest guys in the business, Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate of the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, the competition, now in its 11th year has the elements of Survivor, American Idol, and a high school play all wrapped into one. It’s a chance for 10 amazing companies to strut their stuff.

We’ll have the full videos up momentarily, but here’s a quick summary:

In first place, Lytro is a revolutionary new camera technology that can process the entire light field into the camera. Then, during post processing you can actually focus on the elements of the image you want. Take a photo of a party scene — hone in on the drunk in the corner, or the flirt against the wall. All of the information is captured for you to decide, later.

And just on the heels of Lytro was the stunning Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. Lenovo showcased this versatile tablet/ultrabook/tent shape by having a yoga maven mimick the tablet’s moves. Both were incredibly beautiful to watch and the versatilty of the Lenovo is bound to give it a unique place in the market.

The popular vote went to Swivl — an innovative product that lets you create a hands free filming environment using your iPhone. Place the iPhone in a swiveling docking station, affix a small button on your person, and your phone can track your movements. Whether you’re doing your own one man vcast, a hands free video call while whipping up dinner, or capturing the birthday party — turn it on and forget about it. The team;s spokesperson, Shay Carl, and his Shaytard following were this year’s masters of social networking — zooming ahead of the other contestants

Videos will be up momentarily. Thanks to all who entered, all who attended, and mostly to the ten products brilliant enough to win and gutsy enough to take the stage.