eFlow E3 Nitro


Top 25TOP 25 – The eFlow E3 Nitro establishes a new class of electric bikes for North America; a performance oriented, urban bike that is fast, powerful and nimble handling.
The Nitro looks fast, even when it’s standing still. Street legal under the US Federal law, it’s fast and efficient with a top motor powered speed of 32 kilometers per hour (20 Miles per hour). You can decide if you want to pedal or not with our dual-mode controls and our powerful 500-Watt silent rear cassette hub motor.

Every aspect of the design says it’s quick. With clean, aerodynamic lines, an integrated battery in the seat post, internal cable routing, and a 20- speed drive train so you always have the right gearing to add your own human power to soar to new heights.

Take one for a ride. We’re sure you’ll come back grinning from ear to ear saying, “This bike can fly”. 


Price: $3995.00 

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The E3 Nitr0 from eFlow isn’t the first electric bike and given the
direction that battery-powered transportation is going, it won’t be the
last. But for now, it represents a state of the art (pun totally intended)
mixture of industrial design, utility, comfort and speed. With an engine
that’s packed into its rear hub, powered by a battery pack that’s concealed
in its seatpost, the E3 Nitr0 can handle city streets at up to 20mph (or
faster if your thighs can take over). But at $4,000, this bundle of artfully
designed complexity is less for the messenger and more for dweller with
something to prove to his or her uptown friends.

– David Berlind