iMpulse Controller


Top 25TOP 25 – The iMpulse Controller is the World’s Smallest Wireless Universal Controller for Mobile Devices, Laptops and Desktop computers.

Suddenly games become tactile and fun again, apps like Keynote and PowerPoint can be controlled from anywhere in the room – it will even control your music and movies from the couch (range: 100ft). Or, use it to trigger the camera on your smartphone! And it’s small enough to hang off your keychain – where it serves as a key finder.

Based on Bluetooth 2.1 Low Power technology, the iMpulse works with any Bluetooth-equipped computing device – it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets, ipod touches, etc), as well as Windows and Mac PCs and laptops (Windows/Phone 7/8 support pending compatibility roadmap announcements by Microsoft).

The iMpulse is also the world’s FIRST truly ambidextrous controller – hold it any way you like, there’s a function in it for you!

Price: $25

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There’s a lot of cool software for the iPhone, but if you really want to zap aliens or jump over obstacles you need a game controller. The iMpulse Controller is just that, a small controller that lets you play big games on the iPhone. It works by Bluetooth, so there are no wires, it’s small enough to clip on your key ring, and smart enough to sound off when you lose your keys. Works with many (but not all) iPhone games, and Android support is ramping up.

– Robin Raskin