iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot


A safer way to clean your gutters, Looj reduces the risk of injury from repetitive climbing and extended time on ladders and also helps to prevent overreaching from dangerous heights. The slip-resistant rubber handle and hands-free belt clip combine for safer ladder climbing and robot handling. The robot features a high-velocity, four-stage auger that blasts away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean. Looj can be operated in either manual mode or automatic CLEAN mode.

Looj 330 performs a difficult and uncomfortable job for you, cleaning up to a 30-foot section of gutter in 5 minutes and up to 200 linear feet per charge of its new lithium-ion battery. The new remote control, which is also the detachable handle, has an improved communication range of up to 50’, allowing users to drive the robot further along the gutter than previous generations. 

Price: $299.99

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