MirrorCase for iPad


Have you ever wanted to use your iPad for taking photos or video but haven’t due to its awkward handling, or simply because it looks silly? Introducing MirrorCase for iPad – the multifunctional case that allows you to record and shoot from a more natural position.

MirrorCase for iPad is engineered with an adjustable mirror so you can use your tablet in its intended horizontal position while getting the shot in front of you! Imperative to the case is the intuitive MirrorCase App for viewing on the iPad. An additional feature of the App is the Privacy Screen, a feature that allows you to set a blank screen or a still image to overlay your recording!

Features and Intended uses for MirrorCase:

•Record seminars and lectures

•Self and family recording

•Back mounted Kickstand

•Protective iPad case

•Sound redirection via Acoustic Port 

Price: $79.99 

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At $80, the MirrorCase for iPad case doesn’t come cheap. But it solves a very specific problem: How to take videos and photos in a lecture environment, handsfree with an iPad. Built into the case is an adjustable mirror that captures the scene ahead of you and redirects it into the iPad’s camera lens. If you’re sitting in meeting or lecture and need to record them, it’s far easier to lay the iPad flat and use the MirrorCase’s mirror rather than hold the iPad vertically for long periods of time. The companion app corrects the reflected image. Video and images are captured into the camera roll, for you to rename or edit as needed. It’s an innovative approach to solving this problem, but its usefulness may depend upon the environment you use it in.

What we liked: Makes handsfree capture a reality, includes a storage well for a stylus and improves audio, too, by reflecting the sound.

What we didn’t like: Built-in tilt stand makes this bulkier than the average iPad case

– Melissa Perenson