NETGEAR CENTRIA is a powerful, all-in-one automatic backup/media server and high-speed WiFi router. It combines the features of a dual band N900 high-performance router with the added convenience of automatic data backup for both PCs and Macs. CENTRIA can also be used as a Media Server that centrally and securely stores your photos, media and documents, that are easily accessible from any Internet-enabled device. CENTRIA uses an internal SATA hard drive and/or external SuperSpeed USB 3.0 drives to backup and store data. 

Price: $349.99

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Network attached storage boxes are generally more box-like and functional than they are aesthetically pleasing. Netgear Centria bursts that mold with its angled, stylish design. The Centria is available with and without a 3.5-inch hard drive preinstalled (starts at $230 with no drive, $350 with a 2TB drive). It’s much more than just another NAS and media server, though: It also has a built in dual-band N900 router; and one-button backup from the SD card slot or from additional drives plugged into the two USB 3.0 ports. Included software simplifies backup and sharing your media locally and in your own personal cloud. The maximum preconfigured capacity is 2TB, which feels small in an era of 3TB and 4TB drives. Also, he horizontal design makes for awkward placement in many situations.

– Melissa Perenson