Inner Balance


Top 25TOP 25 – The new Inner Balance app is the only app available that offers both monitoring and training to effectively manage stress and rebalance the mind and emotions.

The app is powered by, and works exclusively with the HeartMath sensor for iOS. A small module attaches to your device and connects a sensor to your earlobe.

Measuring heart rate variability (HRV), the beat- to-beat changes within heart rhythms that reflect emotional fluctuations, Inner Balance guides users to shift their heart rhythms to what’s called “heart coherence”.

Coherence is directly associated with improved health, cognitive functioning – and a deeper sense of inner balance and happiness.

Inner Balance assists the user with real-time feedback to calm the mind and emotions. Users learn to shift focus with unique breathing pacers, on-screen coaching and a specialized technique. As the session runs, Inner Balance helps the user move out of stress and into increased balance and clarity. 

Price: Free app, external sensor is $99 

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For decades, HeartMath has used a variety of means to assist with biofeedback therapy, which can help people manage their stress. InnerBalance takes this ability to the iPhone for monitoring on the go by matching a small earlobe clip that plugs into the headphone/microphone jack of the iPhone with an app that not only monitors your stress levels but offers ways to focus on more peaceful thoughts. It’s not quite the level of continuous vital sign monitoring that we’ve seen from Fitbit or Jawbone, but it’s one more step toward easier access to our happy place.

– Ross Rubin