Mojo Speaker


Top 25TOP 25 – The Mojo speaker is the world’s thinnest premium Bluetooth speaker. The Mojo can easily be thrown in a bag or binder and taken anywhere. To use it, simply pull it out, flip the kickstand out and it delivers clear, loud, and beautiful sound. The speaker only weighs 4 oz and is ultra-thin at only 7mm for the speaker portion. Additionally, the Mojo sports a 10 battery life at full blast powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (cord for recharging included). You can connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device, or with the included 3.5mm auxiliary cable (headphone size). Ultimately, with the Mojo, you can have sound as mobile as you are. 




Price: $120

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While there are a ton of wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market, CoverPlay says the Mojo speaker is the first portable flat panel to come to market. The founders claim to have solved the issue of high current that was needed to power flat panel speakers in the past. The speaker itself is about the size of a notebook page, and slightly thicker than most tablet computers. You’ll be able to put it in places where counter space is either unavailable or unsafe, like a kitchen or bathroom. 

– Gary Kaye