Top 25TOP 25 – B&N’s research: 50+% of tablet owners share devices with family members every day and 1/3+ report having content they don’t want others to see. B&N created NOOK HD, an exceptional reading and entertainment device with NOOK Profiles for an instantly personalized experience for each family member. It’s the lightest 7-inch HD tablet ever with an unprecedented display (1440×900, 243PPI) that renders text, magazines, graphics and video in spectacular digital quality. Designed for extended use with great battery, it is lightweight (11.1 ounces), narrow (5-inches wide) and has soft-touch contoured design fits the hand perfectly. In the expansive NOOK Store, customers can browse 3+ million digital books, periodicals, apps and new selection of catalogs, movies and TV shows. Magazine and catalog readers can use breakthrough NOOK ScrapbookTM to virtually clip pages of interest and save them in customized digital scrapbooks. Starting at $199 for 8GB with expandable memory. 



Price: Starting at $199.99 

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The best tablet for reading, the Nook HD has the sharpest, most colorful screen of any 7-inch slate and offers a host of unique features. With restricted child-friendly user profiles, over 4,000 interactive children’s books, and the ability for users to record themselves reading stories for their kids, this tablet could be a parents’ best friend. Add in an ecosystem with over 3 million books, 10,000 apps, a new video store and 500 magazine titles with articles you can pull into custom scrapbooks, and you have a winner.

– Avram Piltch