Sifteo Cubes Interactive Game System


Top 25TOP 25 – Sifteo Cubes are an interactive game system based on the tactile play of LEGOs and building blocks – think Nintendo Wii for your coffee-table.

Sifteo Cubes pack a lot of tech on the inside – wireless communication, accelerometers for sensing motion, sensors on all sides, and a capacitive touch screen – but on the outside they are radically simple. Gameplay is all about gestures like tilting, flipping, shaking, neighboring, and pressing. Up to 12 cubes can be used together to expand the possibilities and increase the challenge of Sifteo games.

An expanding library of single player, multiplayer, and collaborative games can be downloaded using Sifteo’s desktop software, Sifteo Sync. Existing games include number and word puzzles, matching, music, and exploration games, the action puzzler Ninja Slide, and more 3rd party titles for the platform are in progress. 


Price: $129.95

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Imagine if you had four iPhones, each programmed for the same variety of
games, and each of which had total awareness of the others’ proximity.
Front, back, sides, bottoms, tops, bumps, slides or airborne passes; it
wouldn’t matter. If each was running the same game, they’d automatically
immerse themselves into interactive play, responding to positions of the
others. This is essentially what Sifteo Cubes are without having to pay for
four unlocked iPhones; four small cube shaped devices, each with a display
on one side, and each of which wirelessly meshes with the other turning the
four screens into an interactive game that responds in kind to any movement
of any cube. The possibilities are only limited by the developers’
imaginations while the cost of such flexibility and fun is palatable at $130

–  David Berlind