Telcare’s Wireless Blood Glucose Meter


Top 25TOP 25 – 30 million Americans have diabetes and must test their blood sugar level multiple times a day. Telcare’s wireless-enabled blood glucose meter seamlessly transmits every result to a secure cloud server and returns immediate guidance and coaching to the user. From Telcare’s FDA- cleared privacy-protected server, the information may be transmitted to doctors, parents, and other caregivers of people with diabetes. Telcare’s suite of smartphone apps enables users and caregivers with any iOS or Android device to graph and track the information, combine it with weight, exercise, diet and medication data, and even join with others in social networking/gaming activities designed to improved control of diabetes.

Telcare is the world’s first FDA-cleared product to seamlessly combine state of the art cellular communications technology with leading edge diabetes monitoring technology. Since product launch, doctors and patients have recorded significant health improvement and parents have reported far less anxiety in helping children with diabetes. 


Price: $150

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I have been living with the Telcare wireless blood glucose monitor for more than half a year. It is a wonderful advance for diabetics. Any blood glucose meter delivers pieces of data. But the Telcare, by sending your blood sugar readings into the cloud wirelessly, allows you to draw real information from your readings. The system provides terrific graphing and report capabilities which allow you to see how you’re doing. But even more, it allows your doctor to get a much better view of your condition than a simple blood glucose log, which can result in more precise treatment options and thus better diabetic control.  

– Gary Kaye