Luminae Keyboard+


Top 251st Place Winner – At Translusense®, we have stripped away the last century of keyboard assumptions by introducing LuminæTM – a stylish, modern, clean, light-driven Keyboard+ and Touchpad+ that allows for customization to meet your every need.

By using custom skins and software, you can move buttons, trackpad areas or use the entire clean glass surface for all ‘Type & SwipeTM’ functions.

Customize LuminæTM with sound, light and color to custom functionality:

Visible light LEDs allow for 16 million custom color options.

Speaker within the base allows you to control the auditory feedback with each stroke.

Type & SwipeTM Technology allows user’s gestures to be interpreted as input for both a Keyboard+ and a Touchpad+ without changing settings or skins.

Pre-order LuminæTM today by visiting You’ll be the first to experience the sleek, clean, state of the art design – and make your desktop a landscape of art and glass.

Price: $499

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Move over Minority Report, because the future is now. The TransluSense Cleartouch provides a keyboard and touchpad made out of light projected on a glass plane. With 16 million different color and light combinations, along with a variety of skins that change the layouts and add new buttons, you can customize the Cleartouch to meet your needs.

– Avram Piltch