As Directed TLC™ (Total Linked Care) is the Simple, Smart, Secure way for the entire family to take daily medications. Discreet, secure, and convenient, TLC is the perfect choice for taking daily medications, vitamins, or supplements and not having to think about it. More than just a pill dispenser, TLC is the ultimate organizational and communication tool for caregivers and care recipients to manage health and wellness, all in one platform. Our monthly subscription service includes the TLC smart dispenser, dose packages, operating system, and a secure account for managing and monitoring health and wellness. Stay connected 24/7.

As Directed TLC provides an instant, real-time connection between caregiver and recipient, and is the only product in its category serving more than one user. Pre-program dose alerts and reminders using the patented operating system. Encourage medication compliance, gain peace of mind for you, and independence for your loved ones.