Codi is an AI-enabled smart toy that helps parents provide their children with access to curated, age-appropriate content and interactions


  • Codi’s Hundreds of Songs and Stories range from beloved Classics to Original works
  • Content specifically curated and recorded for Codi
  • The library will constantly be expanded to provide new content
  • Codi will learn your child’s content preferences and provide recommendations

AI & Voice-Recognition

  • Utilizing IBM Watson, Codi is equipped with Voice Recognition technology.
  • Codi interacts using a real-life voice– unlike other AI
  • Over time, Codi’s voice recognition ability will improve to offer more advanced interactions

Keeping Parents in Touch:

  • Using the Pillar app, parents and children can exchange voice messages
  • Parents can also use the Pillar app to set “habits”, such as brushing teeth.
  • Parents can use the Pillar app to adjust playlists and check usage