My web application uses biometrics to search in criminal databases.
I am not reinventing biometrics. However the web application I have developed has very innovative features which make it unique on internet:

  1. It is fast. The search result is available in a maximum of 15s with a database which contains about 4,000 pictures.
  2. It is a web application. And it uses very few resources on the client device. Which means that it is available anywhere and can work on any device which can connect to internet.

This web application can help to resolved many issues:

  • Identify criminals even if they are using fake IDs;
  • Identify kidnapped-missing persons even if their names were changed;
  • Help people to protect their homes and families;
  • Limit human trafficking;
  • etc…

All options are free. Except the live facial identification which is charged 0.02 cents/min.