HYPERVSN is an Integrated System that allows high-resolution 3D videos to appear floating in mid-air. It is made up of the device, CMS management platform and a wealth of content solutions, including the ability to transform your own 2D content into jaw-dropping 3D images.

Each unit consists of four rays filled with high-power LEDs. When spinning, the rays create an HD image with 16+ million colors. Due to the black colour of the rays, the image becomes separated from the background. This is what creates the “WOW” effect of a holographic visual.

At CES 2019 HYPERVSN is getting bigger. Both the image size and resolution of HYPERVSN Solo L are growing by 30% compared with the previous generation of our devices, which is sure to amaze people even more than before. In addition, when used in a Wall configuration, the total image size can be even larger using less units.