Noitavonne returns to the 2019 CES with the release of its featured product:
“The Bellair 4G LTE Smart Headphones” a true game changer in audio design and unique smart user experience.

The “Bellairs by Noitavonne” feature an Android 7 OS powered by the Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset, a 512GB+4GB internal memory and extended storage capacity via the embedded Silo Cloud application.

Additional features include “Best In Class” noise cancellation technology and an enhanced 3-way Audio Mic, used with its proprietary speech recognition and language translation technology and on-board 5 megapixel Still Motion/Streaming Camera.

The Bellairs can be used as a Stand-Alone 4G LTE Mobile Phone or as a companion to a smart phone connected by Bluetooth. Making it the single most versatile headset in the world. A customized android UI illuminates the touch panel of the Belairs unlocking mobile apps and access to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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