POW Audio is reimagining speaker construction with the ultra compact Mo, the first expression in a family of expandable, portable Bluetooth speakers that provide demonstrably superior performance over current consumer options. Using POW Audio’s patented WaveBloom™ technology, which expands to create a voluminous wave chamber, Mo brings listeners enhanced bass, loudness, and improved overall sound quality within a super portable, affordable package.

Mo magnetically clicks to the universal mount (included with purchase of Mo) that attaches to almost any phone or phone case, so it can be effortlessly clicked on or off a listener’s mobile device. When not in use, Mo folds down flat to the back of the phone, and listeners can pop up Mo and expand its WaveBloom™ chamber to allow for stunning sound quality, deep bass, and huge volume. This expansion creates an optimum wave chamber to deliver premium sound within a conveniently collapsible and compact package.