100M Americans have chronic pain. Many are prescribed opioids despite side effects and the potential for addiction, which has contributed to the devastating opioid crisis. There’s a desperate need for non-pharmacological pain treatments.

Quell 2.0 is the only AI enhanced, wearable therapeutic device that uses neurotechnology to block chronic pain. It’s 100% drug-free and designed to provide pain relief to the millions of people suffering from chronic pain and now it’s 50% smaller!

Quell 2.0 is FDA cleared for day and nighttime use. Its intuitive app manages and tracks therapy as well as measurable outcomes such as pain, sleep, and activity. It’s designed for people with a wide range of chronic pain conditions.

Using machine learning and data from over 70,000 users, Quell optimizes therapy for each individual, and even accounts for weather changes. All of this is designed to help Quell users reclaim their life from chronic pain.