Good Fun, Great Products: The Last Gadget Standing

Inspired by the original Survivor and born long before crowdfunding was a word, The Last Gadget Standing is simply the best contest at CES 2019.

Last Gadget Standing

Why Enter
Your Product?

  • Last Gadget Standing is the most effective way to get additional exposure for your products at CES without breaking the bank.
  • Your products will be evaluated by some of the smartest journalists and analysts in the tech industry.
  • Your products will get tremendous exposure on the Last Gadget Standing homepage, on your own dedicated page with a product video, and across both the Last Gadget Standing and getgeeked Media social media feeds.
  • As part of our new People’s Choice Award, your products will be promoted to getgeeked Media’s community of 7000+ passionate geeks so they can vote for their favorite. The product receiving the most votes will get a special award onstage and get to compete to be the overall Last Gadget Standing champion at CES.
  • If you are selected as one of our ten finalists, you can present your product live onstage at the Last Gadget Standing finals hosted by David Pogue at CES.
  • Even if you don’t make the finals, you can place an ad in our brand new Program Guide so Last Gadget Standing attendees know where to find you and how to contact you at CES.
  • Just fill out our Application Form to get started!

Why Attend

  • You’ll have a vote!!!
  • The overall Last Gadget Standing winner is selected by an applause meter that measure the cheers each product receives so if you attend, you’ll help decide the winner.
  • You’ll see Indiegogo innovators and C-Suite execs let their hair down while they demo some of the coolest, most innovative products you'll find at CES.
  • Competitors onstage interactions with David Pogue is can’t miss entertainment.
  • You’ll get to schmooze with our awesome judges and a roomful of tech luminaries.
  • At intermission, we play Tech Trivia where audience members can win really great prizes. Las Vegas showgirls roam the aisles giving away fun swag.
  • The most fun, the best swag, and first looks at the coolest products. How could you miss it?

2018 Entries

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