What is the Last Gadget Standing?
Now in its 20th year, ‘Gadget’ is one of the best loved and longest running events at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each January in Las Vegas. Based on the notion that the crowd always knows best, the contest asks a live audience to pick the “most likely to succeed product”. 

What is New in 2020?
In 2020 we are continuing two exciting new additions to Last Gadget. The first is the People’s Choice Award, which is an online contest to choose one of the event’s two winners. In honor of our 20th anniversary, we’re having a commemorative Program Guide, so all attendees will have a hard copy keepsake.

Tell me about the People's Choice Award?
All participants will be able to compete for the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice online voting will be from Sept 10th (opening of entries) until midnight PDT Jan 7th, the first day of CES. The People’s Choice winner will receive an award onstage at our CES event, at the same ceremony as the live event winner.  Through our partnership with getgeeked Media, your entry will be promoted to thousands of gadget-loving tech enthusiasts who will be voting for their favorites.

What is the general flow of the contest?
From the pool of exciting new products, our distinguished judges choose ten finalists. They use their experience and marketplace knowledge, but also refer to page views and online voting trends of the entrants.  At the live event the audience picks a “Live Show Winner” from the ten finalists, plus we also give an award to the People’s Choice online winner. Past winners include the Lytro camera, Kevo Smart Lock, the Eye-Fi Card and even OnStar in its humble beginnings.

Tell me more about the live event?
The ten finalists each have 4 minutes to demo their product in a creative and fast-paced show. There’s a trivia contest/swag giveaway in the middle, and at the end the audience votes by applause for the best gadget to crown as the “Last Gadget Standing.” A press release is issued immediately and the standing room only ballroom where LGS is held is brimming with reporters anxious to interview the winners.

What about the program guide?
There will be an official Last Gadget Standing Program Guide provided to all attendees of the live competition at CES. Companies purchasing an “enhanced package” will receive a quarter page ad in the guide featuring a product photo, their CES booth location, and contact info. It’s a great way to get your message out even if you don’t make the finals.

When/Where is the live event? What is the application deadline? When are the finalists announced?
See the Important Dates sidebar on the home page. You need a CES badge to enter. Come early, we’re always packed.

Is there a fee to enter?
Yes, there are room and AV costs to pay and lots of labor that go into creating a contest like this. The fee is nominal and there are discount codes available for not-for-profits.  There is also an additional fee if you want to be in the program guide.

Must I be an exhibitor at CES to enter?
Yes, this is a best of CES type show so you need to be there in some form — that could be a booth within a booth, a shared booth, or a partner booth or meeting room but you must be a CES participant to qualify.

How do I apply?
Here is the application link. There are discounts for multiple entries. All you need to do is describe your product and send photos.

Can I nominate my own product?
Yes, we want you to nominate your own product.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply?
The product should be new – not older than Q4 of 2019, and must be shipping by Q2 of 2020. Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign entries will be vetted as a reality check.

Do you honor NDAs?
All of our judges sign NDA agreements in order to look at NDA products. We can only accommodate 2 or 3 NDA products in our final ten. You can contact kaarechristian [at] gmail to discuss NDA submissions.

What do I get for my application fee?
Your product gets posted to the Last Gadget site where it gets seen by thousands of viewers and reporters. They get to like and vote for your product. You also get a social media campaign leading viewers to the site to look at the entries.  Also, all products are judged to become a finalist. Also, consider being in the printed program for a small extra fee.  The postings on the website are up for a long time, and the contest attracts a lot of attention, so there are rewards even if you’re not the contest winner.

How many winners are there?
Two, the People’s Choice online winner and the Live Event winner.

How is the Live Event Winner selected?
The “Live Event Winner” is selected by the audience at the event using an applause meter. Watch one of the many videos on our site to see how it works. https://lastgadgetstanding.com/2018/01/31/winners/

What do I win?
If you win the live event or are the People’s Choice winner, you get a trophy, bragging rights, plus lots of media coverage. We also give you a badge to post on your website as the winner.

Are there other ways to get involved?
We are always looking for corporate sponsors/media partners and even companies willing to donate prizes (with a big thanks and shout out) for our audience trivia contest. We also want a sponsor for live streaming. Contact Barry Myers of getgeeked for more information.

Can I see a past Last Gadget Show?
Sure thing. Just visit the website and you’ll have hours of viewing enjoyment.

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