Bloomlife has designed the first pregnancy wearable for expectant parents to track contractions, receive prenatal insights and support its mission to improve birth outcomes. From the comfort of home, Bloomlife provides reassurance with a clinically validated second opinion, helping expectant moms understand what contractions feel like while tracking changes in contraction patterns. Bloomlife automatically measures contractions in real-time by safely and passively picking up electrical signals from the uterus and displaying the information on an app. Without requiring a change in hardware or form factor, Bloomlife will enhance utility by turning on additional features in the coming months. Through moms who opt-in, Bloomlife will crowdsource the largest and most comprehensive data set on maternal and fetal health parameters to identify biomarkers for pregnancy complications in support of its mission to improve the health of moms and babies. Bloomlife already has partnerships with Stanford research team and UCSF’s preterm birth initiative.