Halo Sport is a training tool that uses neurotechnology to accelerate gains in skill, strength, and explosiveness for elite athletes. Similar to a pre-workout meal that fuels the muscles, Halo Sport primes the brain to optimize workouts. By delivering a light electrical waveform to the motor cortex, Halo Sport improves the brain’s response to training.

Halo’s soft foam Primers/electrodes, deliver a small electrical waveform to the brain. When paired with athletic training, this energy causes stronger, more synchronous connections to be formed between neurons and muscles, aka Neuropriming. Specifically, Halo Sport targets the motor cortex, which is the part of your brain that controls voluntary movement. During a Neuropriming session the motor cortex is placed in a temporary state of hyperplasticity or “hyperlearning,” where neural pathways from the motor cortex to the muscles are strengthened and coordinated. Facilitating neuroplasticity translates to accelerated acquisition of both strength and skill.