Taken from the platform of the iconic Linksys WRT54Gā€“ The WRT32X adds newer technology, dark stealth look, gaming-like LEDs and the most powerful hardware and software solutions available in an AC3200 model. The WRT32X utilizes enterprise-grade hardware DNA while taking on a unique persona from both a visual standpoint as well as a firmware/software perspective. The new stealth livery informs this is not the WRT router you know, but WRT as a performance networking platform built to deliver the best online gaming experience.

We’ve used the latest stable linux kernel version and lightweight code base with low latency as the top focus. We’ve brought in “Killer Mode” into the WRT32X that automatically detects a Killer-enabled PC, then syncs the Killer engine on the WRT to the Killer Network Manager on the PC. This creates a unified and automatic solution for bandwidth contention within the PC and home network