Nightingale is the world’s first smart home sleep system, designed by the leader in the sound masking industry, Cambridge Sound Management. The two-unit system works to immerse the room in perfectly tuned sound blankets, which mask disruptive noises that interrupt sleep. Nightingale takes into account a room’s architecture and utilizes the walls to reflect soothing sound blankets into the space. This creates uniform, even sound coverage and ensures the brain cannot localize on the source of the sound, a common shortcoming of most white noise machines.

Nightingale can be controlled from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Automatic scheduling enables you to set Nightingale to fit your sleeping schedule. Pass-through outlets ensure you don’t lose any precious outlet space. Nightingale can be controlled by Amazon Alexa and integrates with smart home devices such as Nest, Ring, and Philips Hue via the popular IFTTT platform.