uQontrol utilizes advanced “Chip and PIN” technology, the same secured microprocessor embedded on payment cards. We emulate the advanced security framework, the user functionality and many features developed and used by the payment card industry. We simply applied it to the Qkey for online transactions.

Gone are the days of having to enter those hard to remember passwords. With key strokes gone, we eliminate a major point of entry where many security breaches originate. uQontrol has created a dedicated browser specifically for online purchases. With the Company’s mobile “PIN Pad” app, the phone emulates the PIN entry used with many card-present transactions. uQontrol’s platform creates a “rich” intuitive user experience supported by an ever-expanding suite of benefits and features including: One-click Login, Identity verification and One-click purchasing.

Now consumers can safely and easily make online purchases similar to in store . uQontrol is about the individual’s security, experience and control