Zenergy is a line of portable and bedside Sleep Therapy machines designed to promote healthier sleep cycles by utilizing sound and light therapy. Endorsed by Dr. Michael Breus, aka “The Sleep Doctor,” Zenergy leaves users feeling more energized during the day following a quality night of rest.

Designed for use in the home, the iZBT10 helps users drift off to peaceful sleep with any of the ten soothing, naturally-recorded environment and white noise sounds designed to help the body enter full relaxation. The iZBT10 is also equipped with six specially designed 1000Lux, 360-degree light therapy programs to promote sleep in addition to five LED full-spectrum, mood enhancing, color blending modes. Additionally the iZBT10 features Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities, an internal FM Radio, dual alarms, a charging port that connects to mobile devices and an Aux line-in jack.