2018 CES Innovation and IoT Innovator Best Smart Home Product Winner!

The Brilliant Control simplifies your smart home by giving you touch and voice control of lights, music, climate, and other smart home products directly on your wall. It can be installed in just a few minutes by replacing an existing light switch, creating a seamless and clutter free way for you, your guests, and family to enjoy your smart home without needing a dozen different mobile apps.

The Brilliant Control’s award winning design fits any home style, works with 1-4 switch panels, and comes in 10+ colors. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are built in, so you can ask it for news, weather or more and get an audio/visual reply. Video intercom and iOS/Android mobile app control are also included.

Our pre-order campaign sold out in just a few weeks, but is available for retail purchase in March, 2018!