Debussy’s Hi-Fi headphones are fully autonomous and intelligent. All Debussy’s headphones will not need users to use their phone or any other source to listen to music. Everything, from music to apps, will be integrated into the headphone. Thanks to the integrated touch screen, the headphones are a concentration of technologies at the service of the user for a perfect sound experience.
Other features Debussy’s headphones will Include:

  • Exceptional sound quality, including Funky Sound Studio’s sound revolution
    “Accurate Neutral Sound technology” and “Debussy Signature Technology”
  • A live listening mode for sharing on platforms (i.e. Facebook Live)
  • Listening to music easily from any platform or service online
  • Ability to capture, record, mix and share sound
  • The integration of IoT technologies (connectivity by voice control, smart home
    integration, personal assistant, sensors and more)

Judges said: I like that it does much more than just play music.