DnaNudge’s DnaBand wearable wristwear is completely new – nudging your everyday choices through your DNA.

DnaBand enables you to scan food products as you shop and immediately discover whether they are a good match to your DNA. Following DnaNudge’s world-first, instant genetic test, each time you shop simply point your DnaBand at a grocery item’s barcode and DnaNudge’s unique product mapping database looks at your DNA versus the nutritional makeup of the product. If the product is suitable for you then a green light is activated. If it is less so, then a red light is activated. An innovative idea called “DnaNudge Sharing” also allows couples or families to shop for the best products for each other.

For the first time, you have this information when right when you need it – at the point of decision. You may then want to choose a healthier option. Your DNA, your choice.