iPal™ is a fully functional and affordable humanoid robot. It’s motors, microphones, cameras, sensors (infrared, ultrasound, touch) enable iPal to be aware of its surroundings and interact with and between humans.

iPal has an easily accessible open Android system with extensions for motion control, sensors and natural language conversation, allowing a wealth of third party applications to be developed for the robot. A developer version enables 3rd parties to create products based on iPal and even market their own branded versions of iPal.

iPal is designed with a friendly, non-threatening demeanor. It has a conversational spoken language interface, facial expressions, full arm/hand movement, mobility, and a great deal of content and applications.

Use cases include:

  • Elder Companionship/Care
  • Family companion (entertainment, education, safety monitoring)
  • Education – AvatarMind is working with the Santa Clara STEAM initiative on applications on iPal in education
  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Therapy/companionship for children with special needs