CES 2018 Innovation Award Winner! – RAPAEL Smart Pegboard

RAPAEL Smart Pegboard is a digital pegboard designed to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation training for grasp and dexterity for stroke patients. It provides real-time visual and auditory feedback and the product can capitalize on neuroplasticity.

In the visual feedback, 63 high-brightness LEDs are built in, informing you of the part to plug pegs. The auditory feedback explains the progress of the game in words through built-in speakers.

Patients can receive fun rehabilitation training by playing each purposeful game. Games, including a game of catching a mole or a snake, in which a stroke patient needs to put a peg in a glittering light, improve improvisation. Games of making a shape can make feel a sense of accomplishment.

RAPAEL Smart Pegboard also measures the training time and results then displays them directly on the built-in screen.