GN Hearing’s ReSound LiNX 3D brings telehealth to audiology as the world’s first hearing aid with comprehensive remote fine-tuning capabilities. The average hearing aid user requires four to seven follow-up visits to their hearing care professional to optimize their device’s settings. The ability to make these follow-up adjustments via the cloud at their convenience enables users to eliminate those trips, which not only saves enormous amounts of time for both parties, but also improves healthcare outcomes by allowing adjustments to be made based on inputs shared directly from a user’s environment to address its specific, nuanced needs.

ReSound LiNX 3D’s advanced Made for iPhone capability also enables users to easily and discreetly personalize settings through an app and stream audio such as phone calls, music, and turn-by-turn directions from their smartphone or Apple Watch to their hearing aids.

Judges said: The key is that a hearing aid wearer has them in 100% of the waking hours so all these potential features could make that person actually much more aware and alert than a person with a phone in their pocket or sometimes wearing earbuds.