Beautiful enough for a coffee table, Spire Studio ($349) is the world’s first wirelessly connected audio recording device. Designed for hobbyists and pros alike to capture inspiration anywhere, it offers portable, pro-quality recording with an omni-directional mic and 4-hour rechargeable battery. Working with the free Spire iOS app (iPad compatible), it can mix, layer, and edit up to 8 tracks, apply creative effects, and make sharing with collaborators, SoundCloud, or to favorite post-production tools, seamless. Musicians can even set levels automatically with the Soundcheck button.

Already used and loved by pros including The Who’s Pete Townshend, The National’s Matt Berninger, and 4x GRAMMY-winning producer Chris Shaw, it’s a simple, accessible product for consumers of all music and recording experience levels. Featured on the holiday lists of Rolling Stone and Billboard, Spire Studio is a DIY creative’s dream come true: wireless/mobile tech that enables pro-quality, out-of-studio recording.

Judges said: But the spire is really simple, and will appeal to people who would scoff at more complex devices. For a lot of people, a big record button is the only button they want, and they want the recordings to automagically to appear on their phone.