The Touchpoint Solution’s revolutionary wearables, TouchPoint, alleviates stress and anxiety by using neuroscience to override the body’s fight or flight system. TouchPoint offers a cost-effective, discreet, non-invasive method to reduce stress using a patent pending technology called BLAST (bi-lateral alternating stimulation -tactile). Dr. Amy Serin invented the unique application of patent-pending BLAST wireless technology and started The Touchpoint Solution with entrepreneur Vicki Mayo to give millions access to this revolutionary neuroscientific approach to well-being.

TouchPoints are non-invasive neuroscientific wearable devices that are worn on both arms or put in pockets, socks, or in tank top straps. TouchPoint has shown to not only alleviate stress and anxiety, but also to improve focus, reduce cravings, improve performance, manage anger, reduce sensory overload, and enable better sleep.