Meet Viaroom Home – Self-learning, hands-free home automation

Imagine your smart devices (light bulbs, door locks, thermostats, sprinklers and more) like food ingredients. Viaroom Home would be the chef taking away the burden of cooking them every night. Understanding your taste preferences, the chef would know you like your meat rare, with very little salt, no pepper and a side of zucchini. That’s exactly how he would cook it and serve it. He would know when you get home each day and prepare dinner ready for when you walk through the door.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Viaroom Home is a home automation control solution. It learns from your habits as you pick them up and allows intervention free control of 90% of daily house management chores (heat, light, blinds, sprinkler, doors etc).

Enjoy your intelligent home!

*Meet Viaroom Home at CES Unveiled, CES Halls A-D, Booth #40220.