Using UVC technology, our solution provides true plug-n-play experience. The device is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems without driver installation. Compatibles with video devices including game consoles, computers, GoPro, HDMI cameras and more.

Using the included software, gamers can record and live broadcast their comeback stories with friends, and relive their most epic game plays by watching them again.

Better out-of-box experience is achieved through combining the device with premium material, packaging design, required cables, quick start guide (QSQ) and easy-to-use software solution. Live phone and email support is available through U.S. based customer support, six days a week. By carefully listening to our customers and incorporating their feedback into our market research, we develop products that fulfill our users requirements and are award-winning commercial and retail successes.

User experience is enhanced with personalized gameplay using library of themes and user-customized themes or video background.