We.Stream is world’s first secure mobile WiFi hotspot for businessman and travelers. We.Stream has a built-in VPN solution and embedded cloud SIM technology. This enables unlimited mobile data in 100+ countries such as China, USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil and all of Europe. We.Stream also offers you two free SIM-slots for your own domestic SIM’s. You can even connect We.Stream to a public WiFi, because the built-in VPN solution will keep your data secure. Always and everywhere.

The one off price for We.Stream ($ 179,-) includes 2 GB of worldwide mobile data. The user can easily purchase more data bundles via the touchscreen of the device, for just a fraction of the prices of current network providers. For $ 428,- We.Stream even offers 12 months of unlimited data in more than 100 countries.

No more high data roaming costs, no more use of unsafe public WiFi with We.Stream!