The CrossHelmet is a revolutionary smart-helmet, that rethinks the concept of rider safety. Combining 3 core principals, visibility, serenity and connectivity, the CrossHelmets increases your safety by allowing you to be more calm and aware when riding. Enjoy a riding experience like never before.

  •  Visibility is enhanced with a rear camera displaying onto an AR HUD, which gives the rider 360° vision. Side LEDs make you more visible to others.
  •  Serenity is achieved by our innovative sound control system that can dampen wind and engine sounds, while increasing outside warning sounds. Basically, it gives you super-hearing.
  • Connectivity – waypoint navigation and other ride data is displayed on the HUD. Bluetooth connection allows for voice commands, calls, music and more.

CrossHelmet transforms the helmet- from a piece of equipment meant to mechanically protects your skull from impact- into a piece of technology that transforms your ride.