IONIQ ONE is a smart skin care device that combines advanced spraying technologies with empathy for the skin. Our patented Magnetic Skin Technology creates a magnetic like attraction between skin care products (e.g.sunscreen) and the skin. It enables you to cover your whole body homogenously -even the back.

IONIQ ONE is the first contact-free smart spraying device that forms liquid skin care products into “intelligent droplets” and distributes them evenly onto the whole body. This makes IONIQ probably the most efficient and effective way to care for your skin. Meaning no liquid loss, no rubbing-in and no sticky hands but pure care and protection for the whole body. IONIQ ONE is designed to serve multi purposes and support your individual skin care routine. No matter if sunscreen at the beach, body lotion at home or mosquito repellent in the wild, simply change
the cartridges within seconds and without any cleaning.