Nurture by Imalac is a breast massage system that provides gentle compression massage to replicate hands-on pumping. Nurture includes a versatile combination nursing/pumping bra, detachable massage cups, a controller, and mobile application. When the woman is ready to pump, she slides Nurture’s massage cups into the bra through a sliding channel, fastens them to the bra and connects the controller. She then attaches her breast pump to Nurture, which features an attachable mechanism that applies circumferential pressure from the chest wall forward in a progressive motion designed to mimic hand expression. The massage parameters can be adjusted to personal preferences for force, speed and hold time and may be saved for future sessions on the app. It was created to help nursing mothers increase the volume and caloric content of expressed milk, decrease the amount of time spent pumping, and reduce the occurrence of clogged milk ducts, mastitis, and breast engorgement.