The Schumacher Portable Power Generator is a back-up power system that can supply household electricity as an excellent alternative to a generator. It’s quiet and has no fumes or fuel, making it safe for indoor use.

An excellent source of emergency power, or to power a tailgate or campsite, the Portable Power Generator can run for 11 hours powering a table lamp, TV set, LED lights, a speaker and a laptop!

Built with Advanced Lithium Ion-powered battery cells, it has two 110V AC outlets and 3 USB outlets and can power a small refrigerator for almost 24 hours, keep a laptop running for more than four days, or even power a TV for an entire day.

As a power source, it could recharge a typical cell phone 70 times, or recharge a laptop 17 times over. The unit also include a bright LED light that can flash an SOS signal.