SecureUSB® BT is the world’s first and only secure hardware-encrypted USB flash drive that is user-authenticated via a mobile device (Android/Apple) and remote management ready. It is part of the award-winning SecureData product line of the DataLock® patented FIPS compliant hardware-encrypted portable data storage devices (HDD/SSD/Flash). They are host/OS-independent with keypad or wireless user authentication and are offered for personal and business use.

SecureUSB® BT is your personal digital pocket safe and an essential companion to your smartphone, when you need to protect your data on the go. It allows users to authenticate themselves via TouchID / FaceID or Apple Watch, making the user experience streamlined and modern. SecureUSB® BT differentiates itself through its simple, clever, and elegant design. It is the only Host/OS-agnostic, self-encrypting, self-authenticating secure USB drive that is easy to use. SecureUSB® BT meets security with unparalleled simplicity.