Self-learning is a must for every Connected Home.

With VIAROOM Home™, our smart home no longer needs “baby-sitting”, permanent control from a mobile device or by using voice commands and becomes, for the first time, a true, active helper for the entire family. First autonomous home controller, VIAROOM Home™ brings for each smart home unique capabilities such as advanced self-learning, dynamic schedules, automated scene creation and multi-hub orchestration functionalities. VIAROOM Home™ connects now to more than 300 smart objects which can be added with just one click. VIAROOM Services™ enable parents to instantly be notified if a security incident has occurred at home.

New! Any connected device or smart appliance (washing machines, coffee makers, ovens, roller shades, …) embedding VIAROOM Smart™ artificial intelligence will deliver a significantly improved customer experience thanks to advanced user behavior and in-depth comfort preferences self-learning (activity times, light dimming and colors, washing cycle preferences, …).